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Oct 16, 2017

The Holy Spirit gives everyone a different ability to do something that benefits the world around us and that ability is called a gift. In this message we will unwrap the different spiritual gifts that are meant to help the world have the same picture of who Jesus is.

Oct 9, 2017

We live in a society that values an individual’s rights. Jesus invites his followers to live like him by exchanging our rights for responsibilities. In this message we will explore how to experience freedom by serving others.

Oct 2, 2017

Jesus made it very clear that we aren’t to judge people outside of the church, but we are to hold the people inside the church to a higher standard. In this message we will look at what that standard is and how to demand more of one in another in a loving way.

Sep 25, 2017

There is nothing better than a church that is doing what God designed it to do and nothing worse than a church that isn’t doing what God designed it to do. The bad news is, the church in Corinth wasn’t doing what it was designed to do. The good news is, we can learn from its mistakes and improve upon its weaknesses....

Sep 18, 2017

Peter wasn’t a very good fisherman or follower of Jesus. In one conversation he told Jesus he’d die for him, but in another conversation he denied even knowing Jesus. As up and down as Peter’s life was, the love Jesus had for him was steady and constant. In this message, we will see Jesus forgive...