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Dec 19, 2022

Waiting on God is difficult. He doesn’t always do what we want when we want it. The people of God went through generations of waiting and it often challenged their faith. In the middle of the dark night, there is always hope that light will dawn. The challenge is learning how to hold on to that hope.

Dec 12, 2022

God’s promises are something we need to know and build our lives on. There has been no greater promise than the one that God would send His own Son to restore and redeem His people. That promise was for everyone, including you.

Dec 5, 2022

Young parents learn early on that it’s sometimes difficult to love our kids. We also learn that unconditional love is a choice, not a feeling. The Biblical doctrine of justification is about God’s choice to eternally love us and free us from the punishment we deserve as law-breakers.

Nov 28, 2022

It is God’s desire to work every day in our lives to purify us from the corruption of sin. The challenging part of that work is that we continue to make sinful choices as he cleans out our hearts. Mature believers recognize their need to partner with God in that process by making holier and healthier decisions.

Nov 21, 2022

Baptism provides a clear stopping point and starting point in the life of a Christian; we are buried to sin and raised to a new life, thus beginning a fresh start in a new direction. In that very moment, God begins to regenerate our hearts and minds, washing us clean from the pollution and contamination sin creates.