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Apr 5, 2020

Jesus had a way of making everyone feel comfortable in his presence, including people caught up in some of the most humiliating circumstances. His ability to deliver a message of grace and truth was unmatched.

Mar 29, 2020

Jesus came to expose humanity to the reality that God loves people more than rules. The goal is for everyone to experience an intimate relationship with God and Jesus was willing to shatter religious rules to prove that point.

Mar 23, 2020

When Insiders Get in the Way: Throwing Tables (Mark 11:15-18)—Religious people have a tendency to make outsiders feel unwelcomed in the presence of God and it aggravates Jesus to no end. And that explains why he removed every obstacle and cleared every spiritual path that leads to...

Mar 16, 2020

Learning how to manage money is one of life’s most important lessons. From saving to spending, the book of Proverbs has a lot of wise and practical things to say about how to make healthy financial decisions.

Mar 9, 2020

Without help, relationships can be difficult to navigate. Solomon made his fair share of mistakes when it came to his love for women, but he also left behind a beautiful picture of what is possible when people understand God’s design for dating and marriage.