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Sep 26, 2022

Few things will make you feel more connected to your Creator than worshipping him on a daily basis. Songs often give us language for how grateful we are for His presence in our lives and how desperate we are for his power to help us.

Sep 19, 2022

There is a pervasive sadness that seems to loom over our culture today. David battled the loss of a child, marriage issues, and occupational hazards that caused him to want to give up multiple times. But he didn’t throw in the towel and the big reason for that was God’s faithfulness to him in the midst of life’s...

Sep 12, 2022

From the birth of a child, to a wedding, to a baptism, to a good meal, to beautiful weather, there are so many things in life worth singing about and dancing about. David never passed up an opportunity to thank God for the good things in his life and we shouldn’t either.

Sep 6, 2022

David spent a lot of his life on the battlefield facing one daunting enemy after another. He didn’t rely on his own strength and wisdom to help him succeed, rather he invited God to give him the resolve he was going to need to be victorious.