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Jul 26, 2021

When we surrender to lust, we are literally risking our very lives. Jesus calls us to recognize where lust begins and where it leads so we can actively fight against it.

Jul 19, 2021

When we get honest about the condition of our hearts, we realize very quickly we need help. Jesus gives us the gift of repentance to alleviate the burden our sin creates and to protect intimacy in our relationship with him. Saying, “I’m sorry,” isn’t easy for any of us, but it is so good for all of us.

Jul 12, 2021

When we live our lives purely for ourselves at the expense of those around us, we forget that there is a God and we aren’t Him. Jesus calls us to be “rich toward God.”

Jul 6, 2021

When King Herod interviewed Jesus before his crucifixion, Jesus didn’t respond, didn’t utter a single word. In that tense exchange, Jesus modeled for us how to deal with mean and difficult people who do not have our best interest in mind. In this message, we will unpack the need for restraint, self-control, and even...