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Oct 30, 2023

One of the oldest and most diverse cities in the world, Corinth was a hub of polytheism due to its port. People from all over the world traveled to and through this trade center, exchanging material goods and philosophical ideas that led to the worship of all kinds of false gods. In this message we will look at...

Oct 23, 2023

The capitol city of the most powerful empire the world has ever known had a strange fascination and fixation with death. From gladiator fights in the Coliseum, to discarding unwanted babies in the trash, to maiming slaves, to savagery on the battlefield, the citizens of Rome were desensitized to the beauty and value of...

Oct 16, 2023

Home to a gold mine, the citizens of Philippi were materially wealthy but spiritually sad. That’s why Paul challenges them in his letter to find joy in their relationship with Jesus. In this message we will look at how the spiritual poverty of Kentucky can be overcome with an eternal wealth that money cannot buy.

Oct 9, 2023

From pornography to prostitution, Ephesus was a deviant place filled with people who were looking for something better than the next one night stand. In this message we will look at how the addictive tendencies in Kentucky offer an opportunity for the church to meet an unmet need and unsatisfied appetite in people with...

Oct 2, 2023

God designed the church to be multi-generational. The wisdom of older people is strengthened by the passion of younger people. In this message we will look at a young leader who was given a difficult assignment, but refused to give up.