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Mar 25, 2024

We often remember the decisions the most, because our sinful choices create a unique form of spiritual slavery and captivity. In this message, we will look at the eternal freedom Jesus died to give us.

Mar 18, 2024

From classrooms to living rooms to boardrooms, we live in a country that rewards good behavior and punishes bad behavior. In this message, we will see that if we put our faith in Jesus, God will reward us for our good deeds. If we don’t put our faith in Jesus, God will punish us for our bad deeds.

Mar 11, 2024

It takes an all-knowing and all-seeing God to judge the world in a way that tips the scales of justice towards a completely unbiased outcome. In this message we will look at God’s plan to judge the earth of all the right and wrong behaviors and the legal standard he will use to do it.

Mar 4, 2024

We tend to measure love by a willingness to go the extra mile, sacrifice time, and lay aside personal desires for the good of someone else. God is the most self-sacrificing being in the universe. The ultimate example of that is His willingness to allow His Son to die on the cross for our sin. In this message we’ll...